About Pay Zero Care Fees

On a personal level, Nigel has had first-hand experience with a parent who had to go into long term care.

He dealt with all aspects of this from first assessment through to a period of five years in long term care, managing the process from the beginning to the end; working with several care homes, their principals, care workers and social services.

In his view, this life experience is invaluable and is worth more than any paper qualification; but the two combined give him the perfect start point. He is passionate to help others in this difficult process and avoid the expensive mistakes that can easily be made in an area that continues to evolve.

Nigel created Pay Zero Care Fees to help people and give free advice for those who need it. In this day and age it is important to safeguard what you have worked for, and this guide helps you safeguard your property and assets, if you or a loved one needs long term care.

That is why as of September 2018, Nigel decided to make the new version of his book free for everyone.

Please share this guide with your friends and family, or tell them about this website so they can get their own version to keep.